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NOV 2000
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In the polyethnic society of Laos the province of Luang Nam Tha has the greatest diversity of ethnic groups. In the district of Müang Sing live

Müang Sing  Akha people
Müang Sing  Lü people

The Akhas belong to the Lao Soung and live high up in the mountains. Often they can be reached only via footpaths after several days’ walking.

In the district of Müang Sing live about 11,000 Akhas. They constitute 46% of all inhabitants of the district (province Luang Nam Tha, North Laos)

The Lü live in the plain

Although statistically they are the second largest group in the district of Müang Sing (about 32%), they constitute the main part of the population in the plain and in the town of Müang Sing.

According to latest official statistics (from 1992) the area inside the old town wall comprised slightly more than 200 households. This indicates a rather slow increase of only 50% within one century. There was probably more than one cause for Müang Sing’s demographic stagnation. One cause could have been the declining economic importance of Müang Sing due to the closing of borders with Burma and China (until very recently). The figures in detail:

compartment number of families number of
in %
number of
Ban Siang Cai
(Wat Luang)
107 546 44,6 293
Ban Siang In 31 156 12,7 87
Ban Siang Yün 32 303 24,7 140
Ban Siang Lae 39 220 18,0 109
total 209 1.225 100,0 620

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